In CivsIO your actions are not executed directly as you make them.
Instead, all your actions generate "plans" and these plans are executed sequentially together with plans of your opponents on a start of a new turn. Sometimes execution mechanics is referred as WeGo turn-bsaed.

If you have any problem playing the game, pls try it at

Currently there are 2 mods: 
1. Strategical -> units can merge to form a bigger squad
2. Tactical -> Units can't merge, one unit is always taking exactly one cell, but there are different kinds of units, and attacking damage is different from retaliation damage, so good planning becomes even more important.

Single Player is not very challenging yet, but you can play it to better understand the game mechanics.

Multiplayer is fully functional for both mods and atm supports up to 4 players (I will be increasing that progressively. Potentially, thx to the execution mechanics, it has no limit of players playing simultaneously).

I'm looking a lot for a feedback !
What mod do you like more ?
What feels wired to you?
What feels cool? 

Also, atm it's 1-man team and I'm starting to look for team members.
So  if you like the game and want to help make it better, pls PM me ;) 

Have fun playing !

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nice game, but short gameplay and freeze when many unit or action for turn